Swing Chic

Summery days makes us feel so happy with more of a reason to “Dress to impress “.
One of the most irate things about being a mum is that you will be told your own mother that wearing ‘flats’ are the best especially when your running after your little one…
Well I’m totally over “flats”.. My feet ache and they are so flat they might as well be part of the slab on the pavement … I actually can’t handle it now .. I hate not feeling fabulous in heels or wedges … Well it’s over !!!!! Heels,Wedges and even Slits are coming back ,ok that maybe a bit of exaggeration but I’m sure you get my drift .

Going the park with your little one is always an exciting time not only for the child but for you as well … It give mums time to get out the house and not to think about the horrible noise of the washing machine , or hearing your own voice screaming because they are out sight .

Well, back to the title “swing chic” I wore my Swedish Hashbeens to the park feeling so fab but also feeling like all the other mums looking at me thinking She’s a bit dressed up for the park … Well in actual fact why shouldn’t mums look nice and stylish whiles pushing their child on the swing or taking them to feed the ducks (quack quack)???

We love to dress our own children in the most amazing clothes always looking either on Instagram, reading fashion magazines or watching other mums putting outfits together when out shopping .

So …I ask why can’t we look fab and have a baby ?



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