Big Brother Your Child

Sending my son to nursery is such huge decision to make and actually gives me sleepiness nights. It’s such a high thought process and it goes without saying that parents want the best education, social skills and so on.

The funny thing is that, having a conversation about child care with mums from playgroup is like going to the “Boxing Day Sales”. Everyone is pushing or should I say showing off to say who’s got best language facilities available for 6 month old”

Big Brother is watching you !!!

Now there are facilities available to watch your child, whilst at nursery. However, the amount of time you sit watching them could you actually looked after your child.

Could you not ?

Every time I think yes !!! I will look into child care that little bit further, and I come across something that puts me off.

Come on parents…

Do you really think, someone will look after your child like you would ?


I understand that not everyone can stay at home.Our life has many important responsibilities that we must adhere to.

However, can’t we just take a step back to review our child’s development, emotional state or even what would they want ?

Forget “BIG BROTHER ” you should “PARENT WATCH”

One thought on “Big Brother Your Child

  1. Intreasting point of view. I agree with you. I’ve always put child care to the back of my head, even though i have many professionals(doctors, hv, advice etc) pushing the pros into my face. I like what I hear take the leaflets and nod. And then come away and think, they will eventually have to go school and nursery anyway, why rush. There still little and these moments will never come again id rather attend places where we can all do thibgs together. Im very lucky i guess that i have wonderful family -my parents whom i trust very much and can leave my girls with when i go work and dont have to leave in childcare. Feel very blessed.

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