Second generation and still the “black sheep”

It’s funny how you think that as time goes on peoples perception will change . Well, I feel that it hasn’t and if it has, why is it I don’t see it or feel it?? Am I blinded by my own opinions and thoughts of what other people think.

I am from a very diverse part of the Mildlands and never really noticed it before until I moved to Surrey .They are miles apart and that doesn’t seem to be the only thing that makes them different.

I’m a first time mum who takes my son to playgroup weekly and still find it hard to be part of a social group with other mum’s or be part of any group. I’m 1:20 mum on a good day, that may be coloured or have a different ethnicity. I have no language difficulties and my son is third generation British but why am still left out ???

It’s sad to state but, I feel like the child that was “never” picked at school … It’s far more difficult to make new friend as you get older .I’ve tried to go to different surroundings and also the repeated the same ones …I’ve tried Same time , Same route , Same playgroup …Thinking yes !! I will make a mummy friend and we can have play dates together. We can talk about soaps ,fashions and who has had a rough night .
Unfortunately, I still see myself searching my phone and thinking who has a child around the same age as my son that I can talk to .

Am I just insecure or is it really that difficult to integrate with other nationalities ,ethnicities still being a second generation ?


2 thoughts on “Second generation and still the “black sheep”

  1. This one is my favourite! I think the best solution in here is to move to my area!!! 😊 I would love to have you as a neighbour 😍


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