My hair dream? Or My child’s dream?

Cutting your child’s hair can sometimes be an emotional feeling.
On one side you feel like you don’t want to cut their hair because it has grown so nicely and yours doesn’t in the same way.
Isn’t it funny, that we always want to do things on our offspring and not on us.

Going from either a crazy Mohican hair style or growing your little princesse’s hair like rapunzel when she actually hates it, because her friends all have the new “Beyoncé /Rihanna ” look.

The experience of visiting a hair salon (Headmasters,London) has been my sons second visit ever so far. His hair is curly and adored by others so much, that when we told family and friends we had a appointment booked we were give the “cold shoulder”.

Oh well ! Hehe
I am told…hair grows back, doesn’t it ?!

Many children have a phobia of going to the hairdressers and hearing other stories made me feel a bit anxious. I was lucky with my son, as he is one of those who really doesn’t care that much which is good for me.

The overall,visit was really pleasant for me which made me feel “electric “. It helped that he was allowed to spray water all over the mirror, which closely moved on to spraying me…Not so good.
I can say it’s thumbs up all round.

I would recommend that you should talk about going to the hairdressers. I got my son to practices on my hair and pretend he was cutting it, I enforced how he was a clever boy and that it doesn’t hurt.

I find it is important to explain what is going to happen, as some children may freak out when they see the scissors coming towards them, I know I would of at 2 years old.

Giving a reward after a 55 minute hair cut was a bonus, he was excited to go and get his strawberry flavoured ice cream.

Remember they understand more then we think.


What has your child’s experience been like?

Would you go again?

2 thoughts on “My hair dream? Or My child’s dream?

  1. Totally agree with talking to children before going to the hairdressers being a hairdresser myself. It’s horrible seeing how upset they get if they haven’t been before. Must be very traumatising


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