Style Talks

Fashion is expression.

Being a first time mum I thought this was something I would have to pass. However, little did I know it only gets better as you have a mini you to now dress.

Baby clothes can be expensive if you think about how small they are.

I have few tips : To help you get ready to style like it’s, London Fashion Week everyday.

Tip 1- Get all free apps available that have kids clothes and products.

Tip 2– Go to baby groups (Sure Start) in your area and speak to other mums about where they shop and what event they attend.

Tip 3 – Buy clothes that are always bigger they last longer and save you money in the long run …Did you know, you can buy baby 100% cotton vest from Asda they are £2.75 for 3 !!!
Now that’s a bargain.

Tip 4 – If you have family or friends that have had baby then see what they can pass down. I saved £200 just on hand me downs and I am really fussy and took the best things.

Now, if I can save money being a fuss pot I’m sure you can too.

Tip 5 – If someone’s asks you, what to buy for your child then I suggest to say money or give list of stuff you still need to buy.
A wish list is just not for Weddings.

Tip 6 -It always helps when you have a regular shop you visit. Ask the sales assistant when their sale is going to start, remember this will happen every year or season. Dot in the diary, mummies!!!!

Tip 7 – Check Instergram for amazing Outfit Of The Day (OOTD). I love #fashionkidz #toddlerfashion. Get inspired, create a style wear it, snap it and load it.

Sale time= stock up time !!!

Style Tips for boys

Going for a smart look then I would suggest wearing jeans with suspenders. They are a 2 in 1 look with means you don’t need to buy another pair of jeans.

Wearing shirts just aren’t for wedding anymore! They add so much character to your little ones look. They look smart, sophisticated and actually are comfy (collar-less)


Get shopping mummy and daddy and show me what outfits you have put together.


See Style looks on the following accounts-
Intergram -SophieMoti

Love x

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