Styling Natural Curls

Would you rather have good hair or make-up?

Having makeup on makes me happy but really, if my hair isn’t up to scratch it just puts me down.

I have the kind of hair that changes and everyday is different. Dealing with frizz, curls and waves for many years, I have picked up a couple of tricks that work for me.
Boots Essential Curl Crème 250ml £1.69

This product is brilliant, it doesn’t leave my hair looking like I have put anything in it and the overall texture feels natural.
If over applied, it can look like crispy curls as suppose to soft bouncy curls. Not a good look …Tip – if this happens to you, just add water to your hand and scrunch.

How I use it –
Firstly,I wash my hair followed by a towel dry and a finger comb.
Secondly, I tip my head upside down and add a 50p size of Boots Essentials Curl Crème(see picture above) with a few drops water until paste like. Then I rub my hands together so the product is distributed evenly. With my hair upside down working from the bottom to my roots, I then grab all my hair and make a fists, scrunch and hold for a few seconds. You should begins to see waves forming, the more you scrunch the tighter the curl will become. Repeat this process, with all parts of your hair.
Let it air dry and let your amazing curls develop.
As a extra note, sometimes the curls can bunch together. If this happens, open them up once your hair is fully dry.

When I’m having a lazy day and I know I’m not going out, I usually add in Pure Coconut Oil (you can buy this from any food/beauty shop) this helps with my frizz and leaves my hair look so lush.

The benefits of coconut oil:
It adds moisture to dry dull curls, helps reduce breakage, stimulates growth to name just a few, so why not use it?
I hope you have enjoyed these tips. Please share with me what you do to control your curls.
Feel free to share this post, with anyone who you think will benefit from knowing what I wish I knew years ago!

5 thoughts on “Styling Natural Curls

    1. So totally agree with you. It’s the perfect overnight treatment and the best thing it’s very inexpensive. I’m happy us curly girls, are looking after our hair with the ‘coconut oil’ xx


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