Every day life with a toddler…

It’s starts off with “Mama I’m hungry “. I look at my phone, it’s 6:50am. I close my eyes for 2 more seconds until I finally roll out bed.

The kettle is on and I ask my toddler what he want to eat.

He starts off by listing every food group under the sun until he finally settles on ‘weetabix’. Still half asleep, I almost put the tea bag into the fridge whilst getting out his milk. My body is awake but my mind is still tired.

Eating breakfast can actually be quiet relaxing whilst watching The News or Cartoons. Whilst enjoying the company of a toddler, it can sometimes be very challenging dealing with tantrums. It can especially be when, they mess around and pretend they are full even before they have started eating. This is something that started three days before his 2nd birthday. Its a behaviour change, not only for him to understand but for us too as parents.

How do you deal with terrible two’s?
How long did they last for you? I’ve heard they grow out of it. Im hoping so…

After breakfast, my toddler is re-charged and has bags of energy. A good night sleep and food means if the weather permits, we are heading out to the park. If he is busy and running around in the fresh air, the day generally goes well which means smiles all around.

Obviously sometimes, plans go out the window and I just go with the flow.

Sometimes with a ‘Toddler’ you just have keep things simple and this is how I do it:-
I find having a routine of some sort helps.
I change activities around from going to the park, playgroup, swimming, shopping and visiting friends.
I always try and keep set meal times, so the night routine doesn’t get affected. It’s important to think day to night, structure is key as it gives the child knowledge of what is going to happen and they will naturally have a sense of timing .

As you can imagine it’s a full day everyday, this means there is very little time for mummy. So, it is important that you teach your child how to be independent and play with their toys and put things away. This will give them sense of responsibility and they feel so grown up.
I started teaching my son to put toys aways by making up a song; “put it awayyyy, put it awayyyy…and so on ” it’s catchy and repeating songs really sticks (so my sister has told me).

Coming to the end of the day and its night time, the final obstacle to overcome is to put your child to sleep. A lot of parents I know follow this structure:bath,stories and then to bed. It has been said that bathing before bed relaxes the child but I think everyone is different and it’s up to a parents preference. I personally don’t have that routine but what ever works for you and your child stick to it …now we don’t want to have sleepiness nights again, changing everything.

Let me know, if you are the kind of parent that goes with the flow or leaves there child to fall asleep on the sofa? I would like to here from you and see how it is from the other side. Or do have a no-nonsense routine?
What do you think, is good to do ?


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