I Love Messy Play

When I can’t bring myself to go out because of our famous British weather,I have found myself looking in my cupboard, craft box even in the fridge for ideals. I’m always on the look for new activities to do indoors that are inexpensive and easy.

My son is 2 years old and his ‘motor skills’ are developing all the time. I am one of those eager parents wanting to teach him everything and I would rather buy him something where he can develop his skills in stead adding another car to his ever growing collection.


Finger play allows him to be creative and make little models such as a dog, a cat and even an iPhone. Yep…That’s what he wants to make.

The tools you need are simple; a pair of hands and anything that has jagged edge. For example a ruler, lego piece, tyres of a toy car, kids knife and so on.

Positive : My toddle is entertained for hours and it is very easy to clean off a plastic sheet, that I place on top of my rug.

This activity is an independent play, as well 1-2-1 play.

The saying ‘You are what you eat!’ is something I feel is TRUE. I try to give my son a healthy and balanced diet. I think its not all about giving him a bowl grapes but also teaching him how fruits and vegetables grow.

This is why we enjoy making frozen yoghurts, we talk about all the ingredients we use.

Here is how we made it…

Making Home-Made Frozen Yoghurt

Equipment – Lolly Maker (Asda) and hand held blender.

Ingredient –  2 Ripe bananas, hand full of fresh strawberries, half a pot of Yeo Valley Natural (50g), 1tsp honey/golden syrup (optional)

Add all the ingredients together then blend and taste. At this point you can add in honey, blend a little more and freeze overnight.

When you remove the lolly from the freezer…pour boiled (kettle) water at the bottom of the plastic, twist the stick handle and pull up…Now eat and enjoy the healthy lolly, you’ve made together. High five to team work…



This is an enjoyable activity to do with my toddler. He loves it so much that every morning he’s asks to bake, moving his chair closer to the worktop.

Seeing the before and after results of making a cake is rewarding. This makes my toddler very excited to see others eating his cake ‘that’s my cake’. He can’t stop saying it, whilst taking the cake off his dada’s plate.OOOPPSS!!!

Equipment – Scales ,1 plastic mixing bowl, wooden spoon, whisk , round 7″ tin and baking paper.

Ingredients – 250g unsalted butter, 250g caster sugar, 4 eggs, 3 tsp vanilla extract, 250g self-raising flour, 4tsp milk and 3tsp of cocoa.

Pre heat the oven to 190 degrees.

Beat the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy, add in the beaten eggs with vanilla extract using a  whisk. (This is when the toddler can finally join in.Yeahhh) Finally, using the sieve put half the flour in and fold then, the other half with cocoa and milk and fold until well combined.

Now enjoy a quick cheeky lick of the bowl and spoon.Naughty Naughty.

There you go… Done! Now have a slice with some milk or maybe a cup of tea for you.


Painting-Messy Play

Be prepared to see a huge smile on your toddlers face. This activity is perfect as it keeps him busy.

Painting teaches your child how to develop his ‘fine motor skills’ this is through using different size/style brushes.

It encourages him to have control of his hands, which later on will help toward writing ‘his name’. I can not wait to see that day (fingered crossed).

Paint set with colourful brushes- PaperChase

Wooden handle brush and glitter- Tiger


It is said that we can swim even before we crawl or walk. The water supports the babies weight which means they can freely move around and enjoy the fun of splashing.
Swimming is a great activity to do as a family or even just the two of you.

What to take with you ?

Swimming nappy or swim wear that has integrated nappy. If you have over excited child like I do when it comes to water, then arms band are a good thing to purchase. A towel with a hood, shampoo and soap.

Don’t worry about taking the big bottles with you, I use a small plastic container, which I got free from Mac. Just go to the counter get a freefoundation sample and they go, you have free a container. (See picture below)

Happy Days.

What activity is your littles ones favourite ?
Have you got any tips to share?

I would also recommend that you feed your child at least an hour before swimming, because they will get hungry. Take a packed lunch too, as after swimming they will be hungry again (see picture below). Making the packed lunch at home will be a lot cheaper, so I would recommend preparing it the night before.

Let’s go for splash time .




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