We all know “breast is best” but do we know about milk donations?

We all know “breast is best” but do we know about milk donations?

Within the first 6 weeks of giving birth, we have a postnatal appointment to attend. One of the first questions they are ready to ask is, if you bottle or breast feed or both.

But did they ever ask if I wanted to donate my milk and if I was over producing?

Having my first child, I hardly knew anything and I was all ears when any of the health professionals would give me advice. You have so much to think of when having your first baby. I was constantly on-line, going to mother and baby events and speaking to other new mums but I was never told about United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking (UKAMB). Why not?

I thought I did all my research on everything to do with breast feeding. As well as finding out the benefits. I knew what product's to buy for expressing and where the local 'Sure Start' school was, that held breastfeeding sessions for help.

But no one told me I could ever donate my milk! Why not?

I feel that a breast milk donation isn’t really promoted enough and I want to bring awareness to it.

Whilst breastfeeding I would feel guilty that I would have to express the milk and sometimes pour it down the drain; what a waste I thought. One day I actually goggled 'giving breast milk'. I learnt
about breast milk banks for the first time. I immediately called my local hospital and I was informed that there was 'no bank' local to me. The closest on one would be hour away in London traffic.

Having been told this information I just thought what a shame and continued my busy life of being a 'new mum'. I never thought of it again until now, which is two years on.

Sometime you just have to sit back and reflex on how you have raised your child to see what you would do better next time round. The next time around I would definitely like to donate my milk.

What would you do?!

I would love to get your views on this.

Did you even know, you could do it? What do you think, morally? Does your view change if it were your child needing the milk?

What about the argument that you won’t miss it if you are producing enough for your child? Is it like an extra pair of jeans that you won’t miss? Or do you feel differently.

Comment below!

For more information on this topic please visit: http://www.ukamb.org

Let’s all educate new mother, friends and even you partner on how to help others.


16 thoughts on “We all know “breast is best” but do we know about milk donations?

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I am so passionate about helping other babies and from what many mothers have told me, they are unaware of this service.

      Thanks SophieMoti x


    1. Thank you sweetie. I’m happy you went away knowing something new. Xx Sometimes mums need to express to releases, due to over production. Please share with others and let’s make everyone aware of ‘donating milk’ xxx


  1. I had heard of it, as my mum when she had me was actually asked in the hospital if they could use her milk for the pre mature babies. So donating breast milks been going on a long time. although as great an idea it is islamiclly the shariah ruling of foster brother and sister would come into place. Meaning through milk banks you wouldnt know the child recieving your milk and your children would have many brothers/sisters out there whom nikkah with would be haraam. (N they dont really allow you access to the database, n they only keep files for upto ten years, when later my mum enquired when she became aware of the islamic ruling. )As via breastmilk all relations that exist through blood also apply. However to donate your milk to someone you know would be better. I became a breasrfeeding peer supporter and learnt so much. As i exclusivly breast fed my twins till 22 months i wanted to help other mums with twins or singletons that breast is best and it can be done i also learnt soo much and relised that the nhs dont provide as much help and support to new mums as they should. As much as they do encourage alot more info should be imparted. I had to express alot in the beginnig too. I would freeze my milk as it can stay in the freezer up to six months n fridge a week. N i would either use that for babysitting times or when i started weaning if mix baby rice or farleys with my milk. Great blogs ☺

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  2. Hey, thank you so much for the feedback . I’m happy, that you also think NHS doesn’t provide that much support. Awareness is key and that is my aim. I totally understand Islamically what is ‘breast- milk mother’ is and how they can affect the children in the future… Being sibling, getting married…ect ..but I still think it’s a area that needs much work on, like data should be given to those who are donating milk and receiving milk .A confidential contract of some sort …maybe ??? What about those premature babies, in need ? 👍 #confused #donatingbreastmilk #islamicallydonatemilk #nhs #mum #joinin #whatdoyouthink?


  3. Donating breast milk is such a fantastic thing to do! I wish I found expressing easier but I’ve expressed for Theo once and never ever again, it took so long to get such a small amount out, but it’s so good to be spreading the word!! Xxxxx

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  4. Expressing first time round is always going to produce a small amount of milk, the more you express you more you will produce. Please do spread the word x link them to the blog x


  5. I have Never Heard of donating Milk… Thank you for bringing it to my attention. On that note Breast feeding I do find there is lack of help and support for first time mums . Some mums get on perfect and some mums struggle. I wish they’d keep you in Hospital longer and spend more time with you and the bundle of Joy just to purely concentrate on breast feeding. Sophie you r doing a great Job xx


    1. Yes totally, breastfeeding has it’s difficulties it’s not easy as 1-2-3 but with persistence it will happen. For help on breastfeeding check the local ‘SureStar’they should provide you with help and support. For those mums who find it difficult they should attend ‘breast feeding clinic’,yes you would have to attend but once you have the hang of it, it’s comforting for baby and mum.
      As for keeping us in the hospital longer and teach us how to breastfeed the NHS would say it cost too much, I’m sure.
      I am happy to know that one more person now knows about donating milk, please spread the word. Thank you so much for your love and support xx


  6. When I was in hospital after having Gwenn one of the health care assistants mentioned that some women donated breast milk (I think it was when she was showing me how the breast pump worked) but, because we had a lot of problems with feeding for the first 6 months (Hell! Hell on earth!!) I never had a surplus to even consider giving away.

    You have made a really good point though; if I had been in a position to donate, I wouldn’t have had a clue how to go about it.


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    1. I guess lack of information is the problem. My aim is to try and spread the word. As we were both unable to donate this first round maybe it can be different second time round. #Educate #ShareWithOtherMums

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