Glowing Face… Last Minute is all MINE…

Mums have NO TIME what so ever to do anything for themselves.
It’s past midnight (25/07/14) and I’ve just finish giving myself a home facial.

I haven’t bought anything special, I just thought…I want to do something now and effective with what I have at home.

Step 1– Steamed My Face.

I did this by adding boiling water to a bowl and then slowly placing my face over the bowl.
Make sure you do not touch the water with your face, you just want to steam.

I did this for at least 10 minutes. You might want to move your face away from the bowl, if it gets to hot and difficult to handle. Whilst steaming my face, I placed a towel over my head to keep all the steam in a confined space.
This is me with no make up (ahhhh) and a steamed wet face.

Now it should be easy to remove my blocked pores.

Step 2- Removing Blackheads / Whiteheads.

I used a blackhead extractor.20140725-090435-32675910.jpg
Using the extractor, I put a little pressure and squeezed out my blocked pores. If you feel they are not coming out easily, then steam your face a further 10 minutes.

Once you have finished removing as many black heads, as you can.
Go on to …
Wash your face with cold water and pat it dry with a clean towel.

Step 3 – Exfoliate Using ATomato

I love using a tomato as it is rich in VITAMIN C, ANTIOXIDANT and has other vital nutrients which help towards having glowing skin. It also helps to remove the horrible dead skin, which is a bonus.
How I use the tomato on my face –

I cut the tomato in half and slowly do circular motions, from my forehead down to my neck. The juices of the tomato will pour out, that’s perfect. I will then let it sit on my face for 10/15 minutes.

Whiles waiting for it to dry, I was eating watermelon …Yummy … And looking on Instergram, I’m addicted.

Once totally dry I remove all the juice from the tomato, using a damp towel and gently wiping in a sweeping motions.

Step 4 – Ice Ice Ice Babbbbyyyy

Coming to the end of my fabulous home glowing skin care.
I need to finally close up all those pores I opened, when I was steaming.
I do this buy getting an ‘ICE CUBE’ and gently placing it all over my face. I would recommend holding it, in the areas where you mainly removed your blackheads that little big longer.


Step -5 Final Shine…Then To Bed …zzzzzz

Splash cold water for the last time, pat dry and remove your eye make up one more time. I’m sure you would of done this before starting the facial . Some how I never seem to take it all off first time round.
Then I apply good old Aloe Vera Gel, this makes my face feel smooth, soft and tight.

Im totally in love with it.

This is my personal routine, I am NOT a skin specialist but I have finally figured out what works for me.
Have a go and tag me in your pictures. Have you seen a difference? What works for you x

See you glowing lovelies x

3 thoughts on “Glowing Face… Last Minute is all MINE…

  1. Oooh inttesting with the tomato. I dont do much as dont get time!! Or im tooo tired. But i do make an effort to plaster my face with olive oil or coconut oil. Then start the kids bedtime routine. Then as their brushing their teeth ill get a flannel really hot and put on my face (quick steaming!) Ill do this few times then just exfoliate real quick n wash my face with cold water. Defo feel refreshed after. N sometimes ill go sleep with the coconut oil n clense/exfoliate in the morning. I find cocnut oil really helps my skin. Will defo try your skincare routine.

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