Toddler-Walls and Balls

We all have our favourite chair and place on the sofa but what about our child’s space? I have noticed that my son would play everywhere in the house as a baby but as he has got older he prefers to spend his time in one place, he calls this his ‘den’.

Remember those days?

I sure do, making dens with my sister. Well holding up the bed sheet with my legs and thinking it’s our den.

The joys of imagination…

As my son is growing up, he is becoming more independent.
My son is two years old and likes to know that he has a specific space to do different activities…He likes to know where the activities cupboard is and what it consists of.

20140801-143239-52359202.jpgHaving learning material where your child spends most of their time increases the likelihood that they will look at it. He enjoys looking at the letters and telling me what sound they make, whilst riding on his Spider-Man Motorbike. Initially like a lot of mothers I’ve made the mistake of placing it in his nursery, not realising that it is a place of relaxation and not stimulation.

This is a puzzle, situated underneath his poster. Learning materials are all placed together, for easy access.

20140802-142031-51631188.jpgI guess the reason, it is in the family room as suppose to his bedroom is because he spends majority of his time here.


To encourage cognitive and language skills development, I try to incorporate it in everyday learning.
We wake up every morning and say it’s such and such day today …

Teaching days of the week allows him to make reasonable predictions on the activities that can occur, without being surprised.
For example Tuesday is playgroup,Wednesday will be swimming and Friday afternoon we will take the scooter to the park.

An important part of learning the days of the week is also learning the terms; today, tomorrow, yesterday, next week and so on. This will allow him to understand when someone is explaining something. Everyday I tell my son what we are going to do today, it allows him to plan ahead and think forward.

The Alphabet, Days and Dates and Nursery Rhymes are all placed together this is my sons learning wall. I have bunched it together on the wall, so he start to look at them frequently and gets used to them. I have to say, this has worked.

He knows his numbers up to 15 and the whole alphabet.
He just hasn’t learnt them from the wall we also sing number and alphabet songs, now we are on to the days and months. If I make it fun he will automatically enjoy it and want to copy.
Colours are something he picked up quickly…I go on loads of long walks and say ‘oh the tree is green and swans are white’.
Every second is a learning second…Don’t feel pressured to think you have to sit down teach, you do it naturally in everyday life…sometimes even without noticing…
‘Can I have ‘two red apples, please?’

As adults we feel important when our name is on something, from a private number plate to a mug.
Just think, how much your child would like to see their name on something.
I have these wooden letters placed just above his door frame and when he looks at the letters he spells his name out. It’s a two in one bonus…yeah. He could spell his name from 1 and half years old and he is also can recognise the different letters.

What tricks have you picks up ? How do you teach your child? Please share and comment and maybe you can help me teach my son the months or days of the week.


The real purpose of this post, is to remember that children like to feel important too. Having a located space for your child, is just as important as having our ‘own adult space’.

Tell them, its for you.
Show them.
Include them.
Give them ‘A Wall or A Ball’…

2 thoughts on “Toddler-Walls and Balls

  1. Hey Sophie, this pose ‘toddle-walls And balls’ is an awesome post. Nice to know other techniques mums use. Great job keep it up x


  2. Thank you so much. I hope me sharing my Methods, will help any mum… If you try anything out that I do, please let me know. Would be amazing to know. Xxx #MumsLearnFromEachOther


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