I love you before I see you

Is it true, you can love something before you see it?

Is it real, if you can’t see it?

Am I A mother before you are in my arms?

These are feeling to questions, only you and I know the answer too.

Many women in the world look forward to see word ‘pregnant’ on their pregnancy test.

This is when you automatically feel like a mum, for many of us. You feel ready to add that extra title to your name. You have been ‘A’ wife, girlfriend, partner, sister, daughter, cusin and aunty but now it’s time to be A Mummy.

What happened’s when ONE day, ONE week or even ONE month later this ‘dream’ comes to an end. You feel lost, alone, not a women, not an attractive person and failure to your partner.

Why has your body failed?

What can’t I be a mum?

The dreaded words are said to you .. We are sorry but you have had a ‘MISSCARRIAGE ‘… Pause.Breath.Blink.Breath again and NOW cry.

These are most difficult words to hear when you have already dreamed of the nursery …


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