Introduction – Wee Away |Part1

They say don’t rush, be patient to teach your child how to use the toilet but I think it’s all about being persistent.

Be positive-Be honest-Be rewarding

Talk about it, show how it’s done and explain to them that is what they can do.

I started this milestone journey with my toddler when he was 20 months old… The signs were there: being interested, dry nappy and naturally fascinated with how to use the toilet.

So what do you do?

Just put your child on the toilet and hope they will know to go after that one attempt? Unfortunately mummies it’s a bit more difficult than that …You actually have to buy a few things first: A toilet seat, training pants, more pants, A stool, reward stickers/ toys, make a D-I-Y toilet chart…IMG_0942.JPG

I placed the chart opposite the toilet. This was so when he sat down he could visualise it. He understood that, he has to make mark when he used the toilet.

How to start the new experience

I would recommend you make a trip to town and buy pants together and talk about how everyone, uses the toilet. I referenced important people in his life: like his dad, grandparents and his friend Sidney.

They all wear pants, and you want to do the same too?!

Positive encouragement is key, be very enthusiastic they will bounce off it. Giving a reward after the successful pee/poo will make them feel like they have achieved something huge. Remember accidents happen and it’s important to address them but not to dwell on the past.


It’s all well and good buying pants but we have to remember that they will now need pull ups and NOT nappies. I always used Pampers from when he was born, but when it came to potty training I didn’t see the point as I wanted him out of these ASAP and I opted for a cheaper range.
I used own brand makes from Boots, Asda And Sainsburys.


I found they all held in wee perfectly, no leakage, no disappointment which was great. My son did find using the Sainsbury’s pull ups irritating when he would wee by mistake, but that in actual fact put him off weeing himself. So that actually worked out in my favour. Yeah!!!

I will post my toilet journey diary with my toddler. This will give you an insight into what to expect during the transition from nappies to pull up pants and finally pants.

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