Toilet Training Diary | Part2

Dear Diary,
Today I will be a big boy and use the toilet.
I would like to not wee in my pants.
I want to be dry at night until I wake up.
I want to use the toilet.
Yours sincerely,
Yahya x

This is Yahya’s journey from nappies to pull up and now pants.
I started making him wear pull ups from when he was 20 months old.

My son has been training for a while and I always would talk about ‘going to the toilet‘. Yes mums, you will get sick and tired hearing yourself asking do you need to go. I promise you, once your child understands the concept you will be pleased.

I would say I started my sons toilet training young and did it slowly. This
worked for us. He was able to understand and communicate back.
After many months of having good days to bad days and dealing with many tantrums, I finally thought it was time to do it 100%.

I’m not saying I never gave in and forgot about the potty training for a couple of days to a week.
I am unfortunately guilty of doing this in the past as I didn’t want to pressurise him. Sometimes we must pause and start again.This isn’t a easy ride.I promise you.

Let’s get started
Date – 25/07/2014

Waking up -I would suggest to go for a wee, as mummy needs to go as soon as she wakes up too.
That morning I had switched Cbeebies on, the cartoon (Bing) was talking about the choo choo toilet.
This immediately caught his attention and he understood that he must go. So off we went to the toilet Choo-Choo with our arms in motion .
I thought I had hit the JACKPOT. Joys for urinating in the toilet is so overwhelming, you sometimes need to slap yourself and remind yourself it’s normal and stop getting so emotional.
Morning wee was done in the toilet, this was curtesy of Cbeebies cartoon –Yippee.
I found that he understood the concept. This made him feel very confident.

During the first day of wearing pants he did wee in them, but he knew this wasn’t suppose to happen. I think that is important, he acknowledge that it was wrong. I guess we are the right track…prefect.
During the week we had many accidents, this was mainly in the morning because he would refuse to go first thing. Once experiencing the horrific wet feeling he would place him on the toilet using the stool provided. I didn’t bother with a ‘potty’ as I thought it would another thing to overcome. So big boy toilet was from the Get-Go.

Understanding that he must wee/poo in the toilet was accomplished quiet fast but sometimes we do still have accidents…
Reason for accidents-
I asked every hour if he needed to I wee, then gradually extended time once he understood he must go to the toilet.
Just when you think you have accomplished something you are hit with another problem,he wasn’t holding his wee long enough to go to the toilet.
To overcome this I would say ‘Hold it’ x1000 and remind him that he would get a treat if he held it.
This was difficult to overcome, I started to notice the signs: crossing legs, going quiet, when asked if he needed to go he would abruptly reply NO and walk towards the toilet but not getting there in time. Maybe it was a combination of many different factors… I took another step back to give him, huge amounts of encouragement. Sometimes you just have to carry on even if you feel it’s not going somewhere, I assure you it is just very slowly.
From going to the toilet to not holding it, it’s not a easy ride.

Eventually,we were in pants … By 2 and half years old he was totally independent going himself and able to tell me when he needs to go when we were out.

Tip- Always keep a change of clothes as accidents can still occurs, any time any place.

Happy Potty Training.
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3 thoughts on “Toilet Training Diary | Part2

  1. Useful tips. Im dreading potty training as i have two!! Eek. Although im the opposite and decided to relax and am going to start potty training a 4 5 months before their 3rd birthday. As i dont think id have the patience if i start any earlier, i did try earlier but my twin girls thought it a game or competition n wanted to go on the big toilet every 5 mins. Although we do do the odd poo in the big toilet 😊.so ive taken advice of the other mums that training just before their 3 is sometimes easier. Fingers crossed for this easter when we will begin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally love how they find it a game or a competition. I’m sorry it’s unhelpful for me to find it cute but I guess dealing twins must be difficult. I hope my tips help, please keep me informed and let me know how you get on. X


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