Day trips in the ‘BIG CITY’

After having a child you see the world very differently.

You start to see below your eye level and actually notice the lower rails, the little children running around and even start to feel sympathetic when you see a struggling mum.

One of the main questions I ask anyone, when a new place is suggested is ‘Is It child friendly?

Its a must in my eyes. When you take out your child and you are in a new place, you already feel anxious and just want someone to say ‘don’t worry, I have been there … It’s is okay’.

RAF Museum – Free Admission
This was a super place to go with my toddler. It was defiantly A family friendly museum. The planes were so amazing to look at and there was a lot space to wonder around. Travelling with a toddler, who has recently been potty trained is always a worry for me. I have to say the toilet facilities were very well planned out and not so far apart that you start to panic when hear ‘I need to wee’.

The RAF Museum has a gift shop and cafè so be sure to have come change on you. Looking at Planes/Helicopters makes you peckish after a while.

National History Museum – London SW7
This museum was very educational for my toddler, he was fascinated with the extinct animals and he enjoyed watching the scientist in the DNA lab. He was constantly asking questions which was good, as I could tell he wasn’t getting bored. I opted not to take the pushchair as I hardly use it but if you wish to, the lifts are very accessible and wide.

This Museum is Free and had local parking near by.


Have you started to see new places in your local area? What’s the newest spot you have rediscovered?

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