Is he talking yet ?

When we find out we are pregnant
we get obsessed and check the growth every week.I would get all excited and say, he’s ears are developing now, he’s kicking me now. Oh the joys of being pregnant minus the sickness.

When our child reaches a milestone and achieves a new skill it’s exciting for everyone. We feel so proud and naturally tell everyone who shows 1% of interest. But what happens when they aren’t walking by their 1st birthday or not talking at 2 years?
Are we letting our children down?
Do we avoid the question altogether?
Should we ever ask for professional help?

How long is it before you actually think this isn’t right ?
Would you ever seek advice or look online thinking you will get all the answers?

I would say that being a parent is difficult enough to so don’t add more. Focus on the positive and talk to your child as you would talk to your friend. It helps to have a conversation with your child and even though they haven’t said a word, start to praise them. From this they will feel empowered and it will encourage them to speak.

Remember being competitive with other mums might make you feel like you have failed as a mother so don’t do it. Learning happens at different stages and children will learn in their own way, just how you did.


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