Morning Soft-Play

Sometimes life can get boring, so I plan to change things around to keep me and my son excited about what has to come in the week.

The night before we have a conversation and discuss the next day.This gives him something to look forward to.

The plan will be Breakfast, shower and out the door. And once we are out, London is our ‘oyster’. (Pun intended )

We have started to go to the ‘Caterpillar cafe’ in the mornings and it’s a perfect place to interact with other mums and it allows the children to exercise and communicate with peers. IMG_0406.JPG

Besides from soft play, what I really like is that the café has additional activities, from story time to arts and craft.

If you have a child that is nervous and is unsure about playing with others you can actually join in. Realistic any excuse to play too… Why not join in and release endorphins together.


Please click on the link and let me know if you have visited this place.

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