Beep Beep Trolley

Supermarket Sweep

Many of us dread the experience of doing our weekly shop. Trying to push the most difficult trolley ever and dealing with a child, can be irritating.
I know I have had a love and hate relationship with this weekly chore.

But I have come to a revelation that I must make the best out of it and think positively.

Hitting the fruit and vegetable isle
is our favourite.

We touch, feel and then buy.

My son has never tasted a coconut, so today he was shaking it and listening to the water swishing. He knows in order to open it, you have to break it so he didn’t hesitate to smash it on the floor…thank god it didn’t crack. OopsIMG_0414-0.JPG
Another interesting topic to mention to your child is the colours of the fruit and vegetable.

Did you know, the label states which country they fruit comes from.
Today we ate a coconut from India.

This conversation followed on to how we were going to cook it. We took the origin of the product and made an Indian cuisine.
As my little man says ‘you chop it, you mix it then put in oven’ everything to him ends up in the oven … I clearly must love my oven .. Hehe


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