Beautify yourself at Cadogan Clinic

After many years of feeling like my life has changed for the worst, yesterday I was reassured that it hasn’t. Having a child just means, I had to adapt my lifestyle a little. I promise you will feel like pre-mummy in no time, especially at the amazing Cadogan Clinic.

I was a mum on a mission and headed off to Sloane Street to visit Cadogan Clinic organised by KensingtonMums. IMG_0647.JPG
During treatment and after.
The clinic has the most friendly and professional staff on hand.

I had a mini facial to clear up that dirty congested look that many Londoners suffer from. Whilst giving me a deep cleanse, I received a hand massage. It was ultimately bliss.

After feeling so relaxed,I then enjoyed having some amazing conversations with many mums. It’s funny how nearly every conversation ends up talking about labour pains or pregnancy. I guess it was really that ‘dramatic’ we still can’t believe it.

In between conversations it was time for another consultations and to look under the skin.
Let’s see what the naked eye doesn’t see.
Thanks to VISIA skin analysis, I actually saw what lies beneath my 27 year old face. The results show I need to start taking more care of my skin.

How it works.
I was asked to place my face in side a round lighted hole, resting my chin on a holder which was then connected to the screen.
The camera scanned my face and highlighted 8 skin problems and marked it with a percentage.
The higher the percentage the better the skin is. So in my case my main problem is UV Spots (33%). And who says UK doesn’t have sun?

At the end of the night, I was given a VIP goodie bag containing amazing products to help my skin. Yes, SPF was thrown in.
This should help me stay on track.

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