Big Is better? Kids agree so.

Christmas is around the corner and its you heaven everywhere for our little bundle of joys.

If you are unsure of what to buy have a look at my Hot Picks

The toys I have mentioned have been tested on my son (2.5 years old ) and he is one boisterous monster, so I know the first thing that will get tested is durability.

SpiderMan Motorbike Ride on

The bike is strenuous enough to use indoor and outdoor. We have tried many different surfaces from smooth shopping centre floors to rough bumpy and twiggy paths along the river Thames. After looking and analysing many ride ons, I am happy to say the handles actually steer (right/left) so, it’s easy to ride and the child doesn’t have lifts its bottom to move direction.
My son has had this bike since he was 1 years old and I can truly tell you that, he has tested the durability on it. The bike is easy to carry as it comes with a attached handle and it is quiet lightweight, bonus all way around. Good bike for the children and easy to carry for parents. Just what I like.

Big City Wooden Rail Train Table

Living in London, seeing the Choo-Choo is a regular thing so when my son got his hand on the huge table, he was ecstatic. The table is perfect high level for children and and has many pieces to play with. If space isn’t a problem this is a good present to buy. It is easy to clean and keep children entrained for hours. A group of 6 children can play together nicely. I would recommend that all the extra pieces like trees, road signs and wooden people get stored in the boxes under the table provided. Sometimes to many pieces out can be a little overwhelming for the children. Remember can always put them out again.

From Choo-Choo to Broooomm

Obviously having a son, we have tried a variety of toys and this one will get even the girls going.
A remote control car…. not just 1 but 2…

Well I have I say I had fun…Oh I meant my toddler loved it. He found it initially difficult to use but he eventually got their. The understanding of up/down and turning at the same time was a little difficult to get the grasp of but with the excitement and practise he was well away. He loved making the car bang into my feet …Ouch,ouch and ouch πŸ˜€ Caution the remote comes with a wire this may poke under children.

All the above that have been mentioned have been tested on my toddler. I have not been paid to review these toys, he really loves them and I hope if you try them you will have a happy child playing with them too.

Let me know what you think about the products. Please Tag me #SophieMoti and upload a picture on Instagram.πŸ“±


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