Fun Morning At Gambado, Chelsea SW6

Situated next to Imperial Wharf station, this amazing indoor soft play was heaven for my 2 year old. I kid you not, my toddler wasn’t the only one who was exhausted from playing. The vast amount of obstacles will sure keep you both entertained and excited. Now who’s need the gym when you can run around together. I am happy see the release of endorphins and not his tantrum temper.

Happy Child = Happy Mama
I have had the pleasure to visiting many different soft plays and I have to say I would highly recommend this place.
What I really liked about Gambado, Chelsea-
•Lockers available – no need take out the crossover bag…Phew… I always hated changing over my bag or taking another.
•Unlimited rides on bumper cars and tiger pots. (If Not busy- I went on a weekday@10am)
•Pleasant staff
•Halal Food
•Clean Toilets
•Ballon Man- keeping all the children smiling
•Special guest appearance from Tiger
•More than one area to seat and watch the children
•Recent music was on, this made my son happy as he was happily singing alone.

The only thing I disliked was that 4G didn’t work and many mums had non to low reception .

Thank You, ‘KensingtonMums‘ we were able to meet other mums and have a enjoyable morning. The event was set up with refreshments, which went down very well as you can see.It was a nice relaxed and enjoyable coffee morning.


Let me know if you have been here.

Love Sophie x

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