Pottery Café = Paint Café

The misconception that you will sing romantic songs to your child, should be disregarded.
My impression of the ‘Pottery Café ‘ was, where is the clay? I thought we would make a plate, a jug or a mug in the café but I was wrong.
The concept was you come into café and paint.😳

Before you start,
you have a sit in fee of £5.99 per person and then the cost of pottery you wish to paint. (25%off on pottery in January2015)… It can add up so be sure see what offers are available.Pottery Cafe
How does it work

It’s a super child friendly place which is self service. You have all the paints one side of the room which are easy to access, with different shaped sponges ranging from love hears to dinosaurs.
In order to get the intensity you must coat the plate at least three or more times.
If you make any mistakes you can sand it clean. Yahya found this amazing be sure not to try it on wet paint, as we noticed it doesn’t work.
Looking at the chaos, you can see Yahya and I had fun.

Tip– You won’t be able to take away your painted pottery on the day, as it needs to be glazed and put in to the kiln (1week).
To be honest I was a little disappointed because I though my son would cry but he wasn’t bothered until we came home, then asked where is my plate??!
Knowing we had to go back somewhat bought a huge smile to his face. I guess it gives me another chance to arrange a play date with the beautiful Sarah- Mummy Blogger-mycitymylondon
🔸Has any one every been to the pottery café?
🔸What do you think of it ?
I had a pleasurable experience with my 2.5 year old, who can get bored very easily.

If you go to the Pottery Café after reading this blog post, please #SophieMoti I would really love to see your pictures.

Thanks for reading please comment, share and follow me #SophieMoti

Love Sophie x
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