Pancakes anyone? Dutch Style in London.

Suggesting a place to eat in London can be an expensive one. I always have to watch the pennies as I would rather go to the local hot spots and eat for less, than eat an expensive portion size equivalent to the size of my toddlers palm. That is Just my preference.
What would you prefer?

Guess where I go?

Not only is it constantly buzzing but there are so many café on this long this strip. So for those mums who can’t be bothered to deal with Oxford St like me, why don’t you head down to High Street Kensington.

Well as I mentioned food, want to see what me and Yahya ate. Oh yeah, be ready to drool.
We ate this humongous sweet pancake that had bananas, nuts and nutella. Clearly on this day I wasn’t watching my waist line.

2015/01/img_3248.jpgWelcome to My Old Dutch. This small cute pancake house, is child friendly and is situation opposite High Street Kensington station. Ask to see the sizes of the pancakes, as might get away with just ordering one huge one instead on buying a kids pancake too.Money saving tip.

Please let me know if you have been here and I would love to hear what places you would recommend for me visit with my toddler.

SophieMoti x

If you recognises the celebrity I have a picture with, please comment and share below.

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