I have friends now. I am happy.

It’s funny the things you go through as a mother. I expected to have the friendship question with my child in a few years. You know the why won’t Thomas play with me mummy? But here I am. An adult. Fully grown woman
Today asking myself the same question.
There is a mummy club. And I haven’t quite figured out the passcode.

Few months later…

Something about reading my own post and laughing…’Dating Mums’

I’ve cracked the code. Some sage advice from my own mother. The old adage if you don’t ask you don’t get.

It turns out the code was can I join your club. I was already part of the club but I hadn’t quite activated my membership!

Sick of being ignored I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started to connect with mums through email and Instagram. Yes, by now you must be aware of this incredible APP and realised it has more to offer other than outfit looks.

IMG_3568This is me with my new found friends, I am at my peak and feeling happier than ever before.

Love SophieMoti x

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