Morning at Breath Of Life Clinic, W1G 8AW

Do you sometimes feel you just want a lorry to go over your back because you’re in so much pain? And, it doesn’t matter how many times you tell your partner to massage it, just doesn’t do the trick.

Well, thanks to KensingtonMums I got the chance to do yoga with my toddler and have two treatments.

We did Kundalini yoga, this was more of a bonding session for me and my toddler than feeling zen like. We were able to meditate together and copy what Maren Lander was saying even though we didn’t understand it.
The yoga session was short and sweet but enough to get me feeling ready for my treatments, which I didn’t know much about.
Treatment Time

I was given Osteopathy and Cranial osteopathy treatment by Sam Kankanamge .

How the treatment was given –

Firstly, an initial consultation was taken which included a full medical history and a discussion about my body concerns.
Where do I start? Joke aside, I told him that
I suffer from neck and back pains.
During the treatment I was told that my body was too stiff and in order for me to benefit I must relax.
This was quiet difficult to do so, as I had my toddler climbing on top of me at the same time. My multitasking skills was tested at another level.

Not having any knowledge of the treatment I was about to get. I just tried to l relaxed and tried allow my body to be loose and free.

Sam wanted me to go away feeling like he had done some work and I can firmly say after a neck and back click I feel so much better.

IMG_3770Above picture of me with Maren (Kundalini Yoya instructor ).
We were given these amazing healthy snacks which were handmade and prepared for this amazing event.

I walked in feeling tired and left feeling relaxed. I would unquestionably recommend this place. If you feel like you want a natural approach to aches and pains contact Breath of life, using the link above.

•Please let me know if you have been here?

•Would you take your child here if they have suffered from colic, asthmas or behavioural difficulties?

•The treatments were done on me but would you have a treatment done on your child?

Please comment below.


One thought on “Morning at Breath Of Life Clinic, W1G 8AW

  1. Omg id love a lorry to go over my back!!! My back ache suffering has just gone from bad to worse there are days when i actually become sooo stiff i cant get up or walk. Defo would love to try something like youve mentioned.

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