Family morning out at Battersea Zoo

Want to go to a London Zoo but not willing to pay over the odds then I would reccommend coming to Battersea Zoo, London.     Battersea Zoo is a perfect place to visit  for those mums who want to go out for the day to see animals and be able to have a natter. Not only is the zoo extremely child friendly, you can will be able to see the worlds smallest monkey and enjoy many playgrounds. You will be happy to know the children have a chance to burn off loads of steam before you head home. 

This totally worked out for us, as soon as we left the car park Yahya was in LaLa land. Perfection, as I was looking forward to enjoy another cup of tea on the sofa with getting interrupted. 

Saving Money Tips 

  •  Battersea Zoo said you can get a voucher/discount  from the train station.(I missesd out on this because we took the car) 
  • Head over to for discount offers at Battersea Zoo.

The zoo isn’t that big which was perfect, if it’s your first outing with your little one. We saw many grandparents come with their grandchildren, which was really nice. It is totally aimed to everyone. 

 After seeing the animals we headed over to grap a snack in the café, followed by playing in the playground.   Yes we, my husband always says their are two children in the family me and my son. Hehe  

  Fire- Women mummy to the rescue .

 My son decided to take me out in his fire engine. I clearly wasn’t complaining. I hope you have enjoyed the some of snap shots I took of the day. 

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SophieMoti xxx 

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