Tree Fu Tom Live, De Monfort Hall. 

 Taking my son to see Tree Fu Tom was an amazing experience. He was so happy and felt so special I made him an outfit the morning of  the show. 

When I say outfit, I mean ‘panic-fit’. I had totally forgot to buy a outfit and  to be honest I’m glad I did. My son goes through so many fads. One minute he’s obsessed with everything Mr Tumble now it’s Tree Fu Tom and tomorrow it will be something else!



I focused on the colours and told him a story of how much Tree Fu Tom would love it. 

Singing this helped, click on the video below and do the dance with your child.  

 Kids will believe anything if you tell a great story with enough ethumasium. So, when putting the outfit together I made sure that I was enthusiastic.

The story went a little bit like this, “oh my days I can’t believe these trousers”  Tree Fu Tom will say “they are incredible and totally look like mine” . It totally worked guys. 

Hint to save money – just use your imagination and go with it 100% , even if you feel silly.

Outfit details

Trouser – Zara kids.

Blue Short Sleeve – Gap kids.

Gloves– His old baby socks. I cut the heel part out so he could put this thumb through. Voila !

Cape – I used one of my green tops which was slightly loose. Then I tied it around his waist to make a belt. 

Enjoy the opening of the show. (sorry it’s short) 

The show was amazing and all the children and parents played a huge part in saying, a big hello to Tree Fu Tom.

I would truly recommend going to see the show and remember the best thing is no one will ever complain about your children speaking loud. Such a bouns. 

The atmosphere was electric and buzzing sound of children laughter was breathtaking. 

 I would like say thank you so much to DeMontfort Hall, Leicester for showing such an amazing show. 

Let me know if you attended this show. Please comment, share and like. 

Love SophieMoti x 

Sorry about my hair, the wind was so strong that afternoon in Leicester.


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