An unpleasant emotion by the threat  of danger, pain or harm.

This is an emotion we have recently had to over come with our very confident 3 year old little boy.

Having recently received a bike for his third birthday, my son rode the bike like a duck takes to water. Without a problem.

To be honest it was shocking, how he would generate speed and whizz around the park without being scared.

Until one day when he fell and grazed his knee and saw BLOOD.

Yes, the whole I can’t move my legs because they have become stiff was repeated several times. He takes being ‘dramatic’ to another level.

To overcome this traumatic shock, he had to have an Fab, ice lolly. Remember those? Yummy.

My son refused to go back on the bike that day. As he was wearing his shorts when he fell he then associated shorts to grazing his knees when riding his bikes .

I knew he was very upset with his knees, but I didn’t give him much attention as I try not to dewell on accidents to much. I find it only adds more sadness.

To overcome fear – 

Carry on – ( Get up)

Forget about it.

Smile it off.

Use positive language.

Use reverse physiology. This was actually very interesting.

Be persistent

Try out all the different techniques slowly. Patients is key, as little confidence does get knocked.

Please share your FEAR experience me the comment space below.


Love SophieMoti x


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