Night out with “Liz Earle”

Celebrating 20 years of success doesn’t come without having a much needed Pamper evening with some very beautiful and inspirational mummies of London. 

I like to call us #LadiesOfKensingtonMums.

Meet some of the mummies, between us we have 12 children. So yes, we were happy to be without them for the night.

Talking fashion, life before children and life with children was very interesting. I guess we have taken being a ‘modern mums’ to another level. We are mums that love being mums but also love to not forget ourselves.

Thanks to Liz Earle for collaborating with KensingtonMum to give us an amazing evening. The evening was very much catered to our needs with bubbles on hand and some very delightful finger licking canapés.


The team at Duke of York Liz Earle, Uk were so helpful and accommodating, they made me feel so relaxed. 

This pamper evening was so over due and definitely made tubing around the  London worth it. Because I’m worth it’ came to play in my head, as I was walking past everyone finishing work.
The evening started off by meeting the brand representative for Liz Earle. 

It’s was so refreshing to hear she herself was a mother too.Their is something about talking to women that knows how tired you feel and knows how much every touch of the massage will relax you. 

 Liz Earle’s brand rep Abigail shared some history on the brand and gave an informative speech on the No.1 product – Hot cloth cleanser Cleanse&Polish . 

   This number 1 product was tested on my hand below. Luckily enough for me, I actually received this product in my goodie bag and I’m looking forward to use it and also review it at a later date.(which will be on another post )

What products of Liz Earle have you tried? What would you recommend to me ?

Enjoy the pictures  I have taken of the private event with Liz Earle.

  • Tell me which one is your favourite picture.
  • Do you recognise any of the mummies in the picture? 

Oops yes, I had to use #Zaras humongous mirror to top up my makeup before I head to the event. #shameless #Selfie.

✅Hair check

✅Lipstick check

and then 

✅spray that Chanel Mademoiselle. 

Now I’m ready to show you the pictures below. 👍🏻



Brand Rep for Liz Earle.



Meet the ‘LadiesOfKensingtonMums’
We finally meet!!
Pamper night doesn’t stop at the event, the amazing products came home with me too.
   Thank you for taking time to read this post and don’t forget to follow me @SophieMoti


SophieMoti x

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