Inspirational Media Mummy. 

Hi all,

I want to introduce you to a new chapter in my blog called “Inspirational Media Mummy”. 

Here, I will ask some questions that I hope will motivate and also inspire you.

Many people see bloggers on Instagram & Twitter and think how did they do ??

Want to find out how Vicki from Honest Mum is such a phenomenal award winning blogger.

Let’s get started.

Get cosy and enjoy the interview.

SophieMoti –How did you know about blogging ?

Honest Mum–  I discovered blogging thanks a filmmaker friend, Amancay who encouraged me to start my own late in 2010, while I was on maternity leave to document my ‘new life’. It was the best thing I’ve done!

SophieMoti–  Is it what you expected it to be?

Honest Mum-  Everything and more, it’s been my full time job for the last 3 years and it’s such an empowering field to work in, no day is the same and I love how stimulating it is. The opportunities are limitless and I work with brands I love.

 SophieMoti– Who is behind the Honest Mum?

Honest Mum–  I am, I am the founder and writer. I take decent photos myself as I was an award winning film-maker pre blogging but my husband is exceptional and he takes a lot of the shots too. I have someone who helps with IT support and any design aspects of the blog to keep it looking its best and I brought on a publicist in January as my workload and inbox was getting crazy!

SophieMoti– How have you managed to gather so many followers/views?

Honest Mum– Hopefully they like what I have to say be it featuring family life to food, fashion and beauty. I’m always myself and make sure I reply to messages/tweets and I love sharing what I know and supporting others.

  SophieMoti– What would you say is your best blog post?

Honest Mum– Ooh tough one, I love the personal posts of my family that I can reflect on like this one Proud Mama of Boys: and I’m so touched by the response to #proudinmybikini and the thousands of comments and emails I received saying it has empowered other women:

SophieMoti–  How do you feel inspired?

Honest Mum– I’m inspired all the time be it my boys, literature, art exhibitions, other bloggers. I’ve always been creative and blogging and vlogging merges all my loves: writing, art and filmmaking.

SophieMoti– Have you ever had the feeling that you have made it as a profession blogger and when was it ?

Honest Mum– I am happy that the last few years have seen me earn a good living from blogging and I hope it continues.

 SophieMoti-  what’s tips would you give another mummy trying to make a living out of blogging?

Honest Mum–  I have tonnes of tips on my blog under Blogging Tips: I would say this is a great time to blog, we can work on our time and terms and all blogs have a targeted, niche audience that advertisers are interested in. Make sure your blog looks professional (invest in a designer), create a media kit and make sure your contact details are clear on your site. Also don’t be scared to pitch to PR’s and brands directly, find them via google (search brand name and PR/contact) or via twitter.

SophieMoti – What is your best Blogging tip you have received and given?

Honest Mum – To be yourself and write from the heart, the same applied when I was a screenwriter too.

 SophieMoti – How has Honest Mum changed your life?

Honest mum has changed my life in every way, it’s meant I have a job that works around a young family and have given me opportunities I’d only dreamt of before be it modelling campaigns, appearing in brand films to writing for Grazia Daily and Time Out Leeds.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Honest Mum for speaking to SophieMoti .

Please let me know which tip you have found interesting.

Don’t forget to follow me to see who the next “Inspirational Media Mummy” is.


SophieMoti x

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