FYI – School uniform 

  The day has finally come. Yes I’m one of those “mothers” who has waited for this day to come since my son could walk  (10 months old).  
I’m delighted to say yes he’s going to school, well nursery who cares what it is called. I would really like to call it “GET OUT JAIL ” card. 


Let’s get started and prepared for school. 

I know many mums use lists like me and have like 101 things to buy before school starts, but have you ever thought of where would be best place to shop for a school uniform? 

 A supermarket.

(Huh, right?!)

For the first time in my life it’s my turn to buy school uniform.I have turned into my mum and can now say we need to buy clothes for school. Really, I’m so happy I have another reason to shop for- shh don’t tell the husband. Our son needs a new jacket, oh and that dress looks good, put it in the basket now now now. Now who’s up  for drinks, as I have a new dress and need to wear it out. The games us women play .


More time for tea. Welcomed guys to my first love.
I can still hear my mum saying we need to go to M&S to buy my school  uniform as a child. I thought I would follow her and buy my sons uniform from there too, until one day I actually noticed supermarkets have the same stuff and so much cheaper. I can’t stress to you how much I have saved just in buying it from the supermarket. It’s crazy !!!

Like why would I pay £15 for a plain school polo top, when I can get a pack of two for £2.50

I’m normally I bit of snob when it comes to dressing my son up but I tell you, it’s the same sh**. 

I managed to buy his a rain coat, vests, a pair of plimsoles and polo t-shirts for school for a totally of £23.00 now that is joke. I’m so pleased with my buys and I just had  to share with you guys. 

I hope my shopping will help you below. Let me if you have bought the same. Don’t forget to #SophieMoti 👍🏻 




This rain coat was a huge hit and at a only £10.  Thanks Asda. 

Which child wouldn’t love this  look? Like come on. Isn’t it just too cute. 

Now on the the footwear.


So I was thinking, black trainers with Velcro fastening . They will go perfectly with the uniform ( which is a tracksuit ). 

These trainers are perfect, easy to wear independently and they’re appealing to the eye. Whoopy, I’ve hit the jackpot, when it has come to buying schools uniform. 

Like mummies why do you stress so much? Hehe I’m joking. I known it’s only going to get harder as he gets  older. 

What do you think of my school shopping?
Have you bought the same items? 

Please share below where you have shopped and if you have made a huge saving, which item was it.  Let’s share parents. 

Good luck to every parent who’s child’s first day of school will be on Tuesday 1st September 2015
I will be there with you in thought crying my eyes out too. #MyBabyIsAllGrownUp   ( virtual hug to all. ) 😍
Love SophieMoti x  


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