Inspirational Media Mummy – I’m with the hottest instagrammer around, I welcome the one and only EVB

Hey ladies,

I’m back with another “Inspirational Media Mummy” and today I have the extremely photogenic and talented mummy of one and soon to be two Eimear Varian Barry (EVB) . Congratulations to Eimear and her growing family. I have been holding on to my excitment for dear life for many months now and I am super happy to share my interview with this Irish beauty.

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 How have you been able to stay such an amazingly fashionable mummy? 

Ha! Thank you! I have always been obsessed with fashion. I started working in Toni and Guy when I was 13. I would soak up as much as I could from the amazing stylists.

  • How did you become a model? 

I wouldn’t consider myself a model, but honestly? I just started taking selfies on Instagram and photographers/brands began approaching me. It is one of my dream jobs!   
How and when did you start to make an income from social media? 

I don’t make any income yet from my Instagram, which is the platform I choose to work on. I am currently working up a portfolio, which I can use as examples when presenting myself to paying brands in the future. For most bloggers, it takes years to be able to earn money from it. I would like to build a good following before I can work on really exciting, bigger projects. I so run social media accounts for brands through my PR work, so I guess I am making money from it in a way!

What does social media mean to you?  &   When did you get on it? 

I remember when I was presenting for RedFM in Ireland 8 years ago, which is when Facebook was really kicking off. I had an obsession with setting a page up for the broadcaster and to begin interacting with listeners on there. I used to get in trouble for being on it too much! To me ,Social Media is communication, interaction, validation, inspiration, stimulation.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from ? 

Obviously Pinterest and Instagram, but I have lived in so many places around the world that I think I quickly get easily influenced by the general vibe of the area I am in. From working in a tomato farm in Australia going through my surf phase, to wearing tailored Zara trouser suits when living in New York. I got really hipstery in Melbourne, but now I more London city modernistic with a bit of rock n roll.

How has motherhood changed you? (If it has )

Oh thoroughly! It has given me such a strong vision and has tamed me…a lot.

.What barriers have you been faced with in your career being a mum?

Working in PR and being an “Instagrammer” , I get the opportunity to go to some amazing events in London, one of the most incredible cities in the world! Unfortunately I cannot attend most, and I also live so far out of the city, so I think this affects my networking opportunities. But hey- can’t have it all right?! Being a mum, you can just do what you can and Saoirse is NO1.

What would you tell another mothers who wants to do what you do?

Stay completely true to yourself, post what you want and what YOU feel comfortable with. My Instagram is a teeny visually appealing edit of my life. Show your personality and have fun with it! I love having a giggle from somebody’s feed!

Share an experience of motherhood that made you feel angry/ frustrated and that motivated you to do what you today

If you read the below question and answer first, then this will make more sense. I speak about “harping on” a bit too much. I was always an OTT communicator. First week I was in New York, I got fired from an Irish restaurant because I had “too much of a good personality to be a waitress”. I really didn’t know what to make of that comment at the time, a bit traumatised by the experience, and yesangry/frustrated, but god do I know it now! So what I am trying to say, is listen to what you are good at. If you hate communicating and would prefer to have your head in a video game all day, then start visualising working for a big ass gaming or IT company. That is what motivates me. Knowing who I am. And I would never really have known who I am if I didn’t become a mother.

How have you been so successful on social media?  What do you think you do differently to other mummies?

I think knowing your aesthetic, having a strong vision and consistency with everything you put out makes a difference. I think I harp on a bit too much sometimes, but people seem to be entertained by it!! I always say I love to post as if I were “What’s Apping” my friend. I also think it is important to know that content is literally everywhere, so just keep an open mind and start snapping!

I would just like to say a huge thanks to super talented mama who is stepping on to the cobbles of fashion with a bang. EVB has worked with some huge labels  and she continues to surprise us. She  is a huge inspiration to all  us mothers. Perseverance is key in life and that goes with out saying the end results will mean so much more. 

Keep going and living your dream.

Love SophieMoti X  



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