he said the S- WORD!!!! 

Ever wonder what the S-Word is ? 

Shit, Slag… Erm S word ??? What can it be?

Don’t worry I was clueless to, until my sons teacher  said he said “******”. 

Second day at school and I felt so ashamed and felt like I was getting told again at school all over again. Nearly 15 years ago for me now but the look a teacher gives is never forgotten when you do something wrong.

 Let me set the setting.

Teacher –  Yahya’s mummy can I have a word with you please, when all the parents have gone? 

Oh my heart started to beat a little faster as I looked at my husband. My eyes started to widen as I tried to get my sons attention. No luck, he happily carried on playing with the toys and didn’t have a care in the world. Which is what I really expected, to be honest.

Me– Hi, I said nervously. Sure. How has he been?

Teacher– Well, we had to nip something in the bud. He said  the S-word! 

I was still waiting for the worst word to come out. With my eye brows raised and looking so deep in her eyes as she said  S-T-U-P-I-D   .

There you go, you heard the worst word   ever come out of a three years old mouth.

I paused.  Oh, really as I looked at my husband slowly getting our son ready to leave. 

After speaking to her, we have gathered that many words, we say in passing just aren’t allowed. 

Bloody hell, Son of gun and dammit are a few of the words which are unacceptable. He doesn’t say these words everyday, but we do as he’s parents. These words were our alternative swearing words, as we didn’t want him to swear.

Clearly these words aren’t just shouted out but in everyday life but when you have a child and get frustrated you use them. Especially stupid. 


Enjoy my B***h face. 😜

Please share with me, your experience. What has your child said or done at school ? 

Do you agree with the teacher? 

Until the next telling off.

Bye love Sophie x 


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