Pamper Myself morning with SophieMoti

Thank you so much to the lovely crowd of Leicester Mums, who came to support me at my mummy coffee morning which was held at Georges hairdressing, Granby Street.IMG_4653IMG_4678

The pamper morning started off with our first yummy mummy (Rubay) of twins. Rubay had a blow and wave treatment with a trim, then quickly followed on to her beautiful twins. Mummy couldn’t have all the pampering when they’re  20 cute toddler fingers waiting to get painted with sparkly pink glitter.IMG_4656

Totally adorable, I know. The saying like mother, like daughter(s) truely stands.

I would like to say Thank you so much to everyone who attended and helped this morning. The George’s staff were very accommodating from handing us a pot of crayons to giving breastfeeding mothers free space to feed anywhere which was comfortable for them.


I hope to see more Leicester mums & bumps at a SophieMoti event soon.
Before and After.(Read your hair dream or mine on my blog .Do you have a toddler scared of cutting their hair?IMG_4694

Manicure done, now it is time to play!!!😊

Mummy time.

Sarah is a mother to a beautiful one year old called Zaydan. She enjoyed having the blow and wave treatment, which totally relaxed her made her feel lush again. This mummy was in need of me time and she finally had her chance to do that at her first pamper coffee morning with @SophieMoti .
@masteramas @saffranlookbook Thank you for joining us.IMG_4640IMG_4641

Bump(ing) into mums.
This is Kay below, she is a first time mum to her beautiful 5 month girl called Layla. After having her hair done by Dan, this YummyMummy was excited to have another treatment. Why stop at one when you have it all. Doesn’t she look stunning.
After receiving the amazing treatments every yummy mummy received a VIP gift bag.


Aw thank you. Was lovely to meet your gorgeous son and yourself! Really enjoyed it was right up my street getting pampered whilst the babies play. See u soon on your next get together 😊xx
Ahhhh it was really good to get out with him 🙂 thank u for organising it !!!
It was a lovely morning. Thank u ever soooo much for all the hard work n organising it together. It was nice meeting few other mummies.IMG_4689

Hi honey.Had such a lovely time and all the girls were fab. Can’t wait for the next one! Also told Lara and she can’t wait. Thank you again for inviting me xxx
I hope to see many more mums at the next coffee morning.IMG_4642-0IMG_4638

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