I will NOT tolerate this time round…

From the second we find out we’re  pregnant our lives literally do a 360 degree turn, well mine did any ways. I started to suffer from morning sickness from  being 5 weeks pregnant and it went on until I was approx 8 months ( with my first pregnancy).Yes unfortunately, I suffered from (HG) hyperemesis gravidarum. 

If you unsure what it is. 

Please click on the link – http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/pages/severe-vomiting-in-pregnancy-hyperemesis-gravidarum.aspx So after dealing with this for some time, I was eventually admitted to the hospital for dehydration. Yes it’s as awful as it sounds. I didn’t have the “glowing face” the bright and summery wardrobe to go with my amazing body change. Instead I was wearing whatever fitted and went with my H&M maternity leggings. Not so glam unfortunately.

Why was I this sick? 

I didn’t take any forms of medication to help with my sickness, as at the time I had recently had a miscarriage and I was trying to avoid the same to happen again. I know medically you can’t avoid anything but it what I thought and went with.  I know now being pregnant with no.2 that I could of taken something but as I was so desperate to have a baby, I chose to do things very naturally and that ment being physically sick for a long time. It was so hard. I cried everyday and literally would go from my bed (sleeping ) toilet (throwing up) and living room to (sleep there because I was sick of my bedroom). I really didn’t get out much as I had no energy and I was too embarrassed to walk anywhere and be sick.

 Living in London at the time, I just couldn’t deal with vast amount of people around me.

Feeling exhausted and not really being able to keep anything down was so depressing and tiring , as it was. Then having people looking you was not what I wanted.

I was literally fed up and wouldn’t of minded some kind words when I gave birth. But unfortunately that’s not what this first time mum heard. 

After dealing with a very difficult pregnancy and feeling like crap 99.9% of the time, I really just needed to see some light at the end of tunnel. 

But no. It was only going to get worst. 

I was told my stomach was sooooo big after giving birth and how it was horrible. Gee… Thanks. (From another mum) 

Being a first time mum, I was shocked myself to see how my stomach looked after giving birth  but then I did just give birth to healthy 8 pound baby. But hey lets ignore that because it’s nothing, obviously. 

The pressures of being fit, healthy, skinny and whatever is the next craze was really too much for some mums, espically me. I found I needed to understand it all myself and not hear crap from other people. Support is something I feel our surrounding communities lacks in so much, that’s why I think social media such as Instagram and blogs really helps so much. ( Don’t forget to add me on IG-SophieMoti) Lets stay connected. 

Isn’t it funny how we tend to have a better relationship with a mother across the ocean or literally in the next borough then people who we see in our everyday life. 

Why is that ?

What I’m trying to say is be kind. Understanding and remember the next time you criticise someone’s weight, parenting skills or even overall look. That’s it’s not your place to say that. 

Think, would you of liked someone saying that to you after you gave birth?! I don’t think so. We have all be their and if you haven’t, what the hell gives you the right to express your opinion. 

This time round I’m all smiles. My no.2 might be smaller than the last and I might have other obstacle to overcome but it’s totally alright. I will not let any one “PUT ME DOWN”. 

Please share, like and comment.

Let me know what you have experienced?  

Love Sophie. XxX


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