Dress the Bump.

Dressing for a bump can sometimes be tricky. Your breast become huge and stomach either goes rounds like a cute football or you have a stomach that is, the  size of the cartoon character from ‘hey Arnold’ . Remember his football head – in english we would say a rugby head.

Having some what understood the different shapes a pregnant women can be, I would say bye bye to maternity wear and I think its ridiculous priced for something that you will wear maybe less than a year. I would like to educate you about buying ordinary clothes and still looking cute and pregnant. 

Top 5 tips on shapes and style

  • A line dresses.  This style of dress is so flatterering to dress over a pregnancy bump.  I have sized up to a size 14 normally, I’m a size 10 pre pregnancy but I wanted to be able to wear this until the end of my pregnancy. Plus, I feel much bigger than I was with my first pregnancy. The fabric is super comfy and flowly. I love how it doesn’t crease and how chic it looks with some Chelsea boots.    Go and check it out and you will be shocked to see how much this baby is. http://m.direct.asda.com/george/womens/dresses/roll-neck-shift-dress/G005402341,default,pd.html
  • Stretchy pleated dress.       This was bought from Zara, Kingston- upon – Thames.  It was only £5.99 in the sale.  I know, let’s take a minute to appreciate how cheap it was . Sorry ladies if you can’t get this.    
  • Layer up .  Here I’m wearing a loose fit Zara.com top with a plain Primark top underneath. I have to say  this is a look you can pull off when your bump is smaller so maybe up to 5 months. After that I felt it would just roll up. 
  • Maxi dresses.  This was another beauty for £5.99 I know I was lucky to hit Zara that’s day. How I love this shop. As the weather is still a bit off, this Italian yarn dress looks fabulous over my bump.    
  • Long tees are always a comfy opinion. Espically when they are cotton.   

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post. Please share your pregnancy looks with me and let me know, what none maternity wear you wear. 

Love SophieMoti X  


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