I’m glad, I never…

Hey guys, 

I’m back I know the consistency has been out of this world. Sorry! I’ve been trying to soak up life and trying to enjoy having a baby again second time round .my baby is nearly one . I’m shocked!! 12 months have  flown by super fast . 

I know I know… I don’t properly blog for two years then I hit with one after another!!!

It must be all of these sleepliness nights, giving me inspiration to write to yalllll.. and to be honest I’ve missed writing and talking to my pals. 

Let’s get stuck it. 

Now actually having had two newborns in just over 5 years, I would say I kind of know what you will need when having a baby no 2. Let’s save money together because having a baby can cost more than your arms and  legs together nowadays, it can be your fingers and toes too.

 I can tell you something  as much as I love social media it can put a pregnant women down sometimes. You start to like these things ( baby stuff), then  you check out all the websites and they  you finally work out you can no ways afford it. Sometimes your head to tells you to tell your partner . Don’t bother !!!  He suggests maybe if you save on your weekly shop we can afford it. Bummer !!!!! Men always put downer on everything !! I hate it when he money smart ! 

In all honesty don’t  feel the pressure to buy the lastest celebrity wheels. Seriously let’s be realistic not everyone can drop 1k on a pushchair. You know what, I don’t blame you. How much is frikking council tax is nowadays. Oh my frikking fresh cakes … bills are a necessity not the having coolest pushchair to put on Instagram. 
Let’s me show what I bought when having baby no.2 (  if you more details then head back  to my previous post on baby essentials ) 

Click below to see what they have. I would say buy in the sale you will save so much. I bought both items half price. I had to be very patient as I needed a new one, because pushchair 1 ( from first baby) was totally battered thanks to traveling around London daily. Good old tube, trains and buses !!! Literally killed my wheels . 

 To keep up to date with promotions, join the newsletter. https://www.mamasandpapas.com/en-gb/

I got this super light car seat from mothercare in the sale it was £30 wowzer I made a huge saving !!! Yeah to sales . It was originally nearly £100. Mothercare 

Have a look at how I  have continued to save money with my ‘did you know’

Did you know-

  • You can buy M&S clothes from Oxfam. M&S donate brand new items to this amazing charity.  I have bought so many cute things for literally under £5. Thank me later darlings. 
  • Pounds shops have NUBY products as well as branded baby food products. Always check the best before date ( it will generally give two months ) but you save 50% 
  • Ask your local CO-OP what time they reduce food. You may be able to buy seasonal blueberries for huge % off. 

Until the post on how I’m a better mum second time round . Stay connected via Instagram @SophieMoti 

Love Sophie x 


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