First night out in year!!! 

12 months have passed and I have exclusively breastfeed my daughter. It hasn’t been easy. I have had to try and plan my life around feeds . I have only had one brilliant evening out with the GIRLS in the last 12 months , and I totally  made the most of it. 

It went down like this ( sounds like I’m signing song in my head, so I had to write it)… Hair cut and styled with baby on the boob.  Then I came home to feed the family and then I got ready to party. 

Pictures above show the process of making a drained mum into a ready to party mum. 

Hints and tips on getting YOU time . 

Book the date on the family calendar !!! So everyone can see it!! Including the husband!!! “Going out with the girls” ( NO KIDS) Make it a priority like it is an hospital appointment!  

Mentally prepare yourself to not feel guilty. I had to tell myself my children were safe and nothing bad would happen to them, if I went out to have fun.  

Why do mothers always feel guilty about leaving the children. Dads go out to work for 7+ hours day and the children are always happy as Larry. So you know what, I actually I didn’t feel  guilty because  I wanted to enjoy the evening. And I did. I’m sure we were the loudest mums out that evening.  I blame the waiter for messing our drinks order up. Obviously it was his fault for 10 crazy mums to get louder and louder. (We laughted and laughted and even managed to enjoy the night without getting any calls from the hubands! All in all it was a fabulous night. Now I can’t wait to go away for the weekend with the girls. ( * weekend- maybe in a few months or so, as I’m just trying to wean my princess off the boob. ( update coming soon on my journey) 

Tell me about your first night out after having a baby! Was it easy ? Did you feel guilty ?

I would love to hear form you . 

Love Sophie x 


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