National Eczema Week!!!

Today I’m going share with you, my children’s dry skin issues and how I dealt with it.

Yahya (5) and Liyana (14months) both have very mild issues of dry skin/eczema. Unfortunately, their skin doesn’t obtain must moisture which is means I’m always on chase to re-apply medicated ointments.

The issue that I have is that after a while the ointment becomes useless for us. It just isn’t enough and to be honest I really can’t be bothered to try and book another appointment at the doctors .

So, the next best product off the shelve I have found that works is Child’s Farm .

The smell of these products are so fabulous they literally take you to a happier place. Yes, there is life after stinky nappies. If only you could smell what I’m smelling right now.

They are designed to hydrate and moisture the skin which is sensitive. The range is fabulous it’s suitable from newborn & upwards. Definitely go and check them out .

Many mums like myself only want to use pure products on our children, after all they’re our little angels. Child’s Farm not only provides parents who’s child has eczema prone skin products, but they also think about the environment and have recently come out with . Yes, you would of never guessed it a flavoured baby wipe I’m telling you Liyana bottom smells like grapefruit & organic tea tree. ( she wasn’t meant to eat the clean the wipe, but I can’t blame her for trying) hehe

One would ask how does that help the environment? Oh sorry the new grapefruit flavoured butt doesn’t just help us parents but the wipes are BIODEGRADABLE . Jackpot!!!

Please let me know what you have used from Child’s Farm and don’t forget to comment on my Instagram and blog @SophieMoti

Thanks for reading.

Love Sophie x


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