he said the S- WORD!!!! 

Ever wonder what the S-Word is ?  Shit, Slag… Erm S word ??? What can it be? Don’t worry I was clueless to, until my sons teacher  said he said “******”.  Second day at school and I felt so ashamed … Continue reading he said the S- WORD!!!! 



Noun An unpleasant emotion by the threat  of danger, pain or harm. This is an emotion we have recently had to over come with our very confident 3 year old little boy. Having recently received a bike for his third … Continue reading Fear.


The walk of history

When an activity is suggested to many of us, we think running around in the park or arranging a play date but have you ever thought of history around you? History of the area you live in …. The beautiful … Continue reading The walk of history


Beep Beep Trolley

Supermarket Sweep Many of us dread the experience of doing our weekly shop. Trying to push the most difficult trolley ever and dealing with a child, can be irritating. I know I have had a love and hate relationship with … Continue reading Beep Beep Trolley


Morning Soft-Play

Sometimes life can get boring, so I plan to change things around to keep me and my son excited about what has to come in the week. The night before we have a conversation and discuss the next day.This gives … Continue reading Morning Soft-Play


Day trips in the ‘BIG CITY’

After having a child you see the world very differently.

You start to see below your eye level and actually notice the lower rails, the little children running around and even start to feel sympathetic when you see a struggling mum.

One of the main questions I ask anyone, when a new place is suggested is ‘Is It child friendly?

Its a must in my eyes. When you take out your child and you are in a new place, you already feel anxious and just want someone to say ‘don’t worry, I have been there … It’s is okay’.

Continue reading “Day trips in the ‘BIG CITY’”


Toddler-Walls and Balls

We all have our favourite chair and place on the sofa but what about our child’s space? I have noticed that my son would play everywhere in the house as a baby but as he has got older he prefers to … Continue reading Toddler-Walls and Balls


I Love Messy Play

When I can’t bring myself to go out because of our famous British weather,I have found myself looking in my cupboard, craft box even in the fridge for ideals. I’m always on the look for new activities to do indoors … Continue reading I Love Messy Play